Wake Up Time - Alarm Clock App Reviews

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I love it

I installed on all my mac computers

Very effective!

Sometimes my phones ends up dying due to one of those unexpected nights where a turn of events ensue and It just so happens sometimes I don’t have the energy to charge my phone, wait for it to come on, and set an alarm. So—this app us a is a substitute for my phone, and its extremely loud! Would recommend!

Super Simple and WORKS!

Does exactly what it says it does and gets me up in the morning so I can get my lazy butt to work. It’s great as a back up incase something goes wrong with your phone alarm…can’t trust them all the time.

Does its job

This app is useful - it does a great job of waking me up. The alarm sound it is automatically set at is super high pitched and annoying, though - BUT, I just realized I can change it to a much more soothing sound :)

It works

Broke my phone yesterday so i was without an alarm. By changing my energy preferences to wake up my laptop a few minutes before my alarm time this effectively worked as an alarm. Kind of silly that Macs don’t have an alarm feature, but that’s a different topic of discussion. Serves its purpose well.

great clock!

Works as advertised ... very easy to use … classic look!

Dependable … GREAT !!! It does what it claims to do. !!!!

It does what is claims to do !

Does what it says it does..!

Super easy to download, the helper application was very easy to understand, once I followed the instructions the app worked perfectly. My iphone took a crap recently so it’s been a lifesaver for the last couple days as far as waking me up is considered..! Highly recommend for a basic alarm clock.

love it

works fantastic!!

You can’t set the alarm for later TODAY. You can set it for every Tuesday EXCEPT today.

I got this so I wouldn’t miss an event later today.Unfortunately, I found that you can’t do that.Today is Tuesday. I can set the alarm for every Tuesday EXCEPT Today.

Does its job

I used the rooster alarm and put my laptop on full volume. It is LOUD and woke me up from across the room. There are softer sounds, too, like forrest or ocean breeze. It even has a snooze button (the gray button on the right). The turn off button is a round blue one on the left.

went off when i was in the shower

but thats because i hit snooze instead of off, so… yeah, 5 stars

Love This Alarm Clock

I work a very early AM shift. For a guy in my 50’s I have grown tired of alarm clocks with buzzers or beeps. Thanks to this alarm I wake up to farm sounds. Its enough to wake me, and keep me from snoozing back off in bed. The farm sounds are nice since I have a sister who has a farm. This has been a very dependable alarm clock. One thing I do when I turn it off, is the close the app, or exit the application, and re-open it.


can u shut your computer and still here the Alarm?

Simplistic, Reliable Alarm Clock!

Wake Up Time is a reliable, simple-to-use alarm clock. Users can set the next alarm and sound for the next twenty-four hours, and once that alarm goes off, users can snooze or close the alarm, and set a new alarm for the next twenty-four hours. Pluses: I love the different sound settings to wake you up! “Forest” is a bunch of birds chirping, and makes you feel cheerful and peaceful waking up :) Improvements: One improvement I would like to see is having the option to immediately test the alarm (to see if you like the sound / if it’s loud enough). And it might also be nice to have the option for multiple alarms. That would be splendid!

It’s free and straight forward

I’m so glad this is “handcrafted” as described above, but I hope the artisans used sustainably farmed 1’s and 0’s.

Best Alarm Clock!

Best alarm I have ever used.

great, practical!

it is great, practical!

simple and clean

clean and nice ui, good "forest" tone in the default sounds provided, plus ability to set your own mp3 as a paying option, does not depend on iTunes (= always works), highly recommanded !

Simple to use, and works great !!!

Simple to use, and works great. To be recommended. The style is a little bit old fashion, not suitable with all desktop environments, choice for alternative skins would be great. 5 stars anyway !!!

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